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A few minutes with one of the most talented artists of the current electronic scene Sèbastien Lèger.


Hi Sèbastien, really good to know some interesting things about your career and your upcoming releases.

1.- IBR .-  In all the years of your career , what do you think was the key point that made you reach the success you have right now?


Sébastien Léger .-  Simple answer, when I started to listen to myself and follow my instinct instead of listening to other people´s opinion. The key to (my) success is there, stay true to yourself, don´t get dragged into some marketing bullshit that takes you away from what you really like to do and want to share with people.

2.- IBR.- How long did it take you to master and control the modular synthesizers? Is there a special technique to control them ?.


Sébastien Léger .- You can never master this thing, but you can have some sort of control over it depending on what you are trying to archive, the whole point of this machine is to actually beeing surprised and never really know how things will turn one hour later. It´s random and that why it´s amazing. On the other hand, as a performance tool, I don´t like to have surprised so my live set up is made in a way that there is very little accident that can happen, unlike my studio modular.


3.- IBR .- In your current tour, in which country have you felt more connected with the audience ? .


Sébastien Léger .- The past 2 months, I would say Brazil.

4.-IBR .-  Do you prefer to play in clubs or festivals ?


Sébastien Léger .- Clubs anytime. Festival is good for your ego, playing in front of thousands of people, but less satisfying when it comes to artistic choices. Both are great, but nothing beat a nice sunny outdoor beach party with people that truly love the colorful music.

 5.-IBR .-  How long does it take you to create a track ?


Sébastien Léger -   From a couple of minutes to create an idea, to a few days to finish the track. The overall process can take few weeks thou as I like to test out the tracks out there in my sets and then polishing everytime i get back to the studio. But in general, if it takes me more than 3 days, it might not be worth it. The best tracks are being made within couple of hours max.


6.- IBR .-  Daft Punk was one of the most influential artists of the 90's, did he influence you also in your music ? Do you think your music is more influenced by the 80's than the 90's or vice versa?.


Sébastien Léger .-   Daft Punk are from the 90’s, not the 80's .  My music is influenced by disco/funk and electronic stuff from the 90’s indeed, but overall it’s all about a general feeling rather than specific influences. I like to keep things groovy, warm or interesting.

 7.-IBR .-  It's really amazing your live streaming in Egypt, at the Pyramids, we know the heat is extreme, what has been your biggest challenge to make it?.


Sébastien Léger -   I was worried about the hot temperature indeed, as this machine is not really designed to work under the sun, but luckily, in October the temperatures are ok, and it was for a sunset, so the sun was not directly hitting the gear, only at the very begining. My biggest concern was the laptop used, but in the end there was no major issues during the performance on my side. So my biggest challenge was to handle my stress level for this streaming !


8.- IBR .-  In the new album you  are releasing this month on your own label, Lost Miracle, what can we find new or different?


Sébastien Léger .- That will be an EP not an album, it´s a 3 tracks EP, with a track called Pamparis that some of my followers have been waiting for a few months. I also have one tune I made with my wife about 4,5 years ago that finally is going to be released. And the last track is more of a personal choice, a track I have made in 2020, It’s not your obvious track, but it’s a little bit of a story, you can only play it at the right time for the right people at the right place.


9.- IBR .- Your label Lost Miracle releases tracks from great artists like Tim Green, Roy Rosenfeld, how is it like to work with them(, you are all great artists and composers). ?


Sébastien Léger -   They are also friends that I know from many years, I would not be able to release an amazing track from someone I don’t really know or I don’t get along with. I want to work with nice people, not with arrogants wanna be’s . So it´s pretty easy to work with friends . 


10 .-IBR .-  Are you planning to do a remix of a Daft Punk track ?


Sébastien Léger - I already did 3 unofficial remixes in the past (the *around the world* remix you will find on YouTube with my name is not mine, people tag me as the remixer while it´s not mine) – This are just dj tools, nothing very incredible here, just for fun !


11.- IBR. - At home what kind of music or artists do you like to listen to ? 


Sébastien Léger - I  basically don´t listen to music at all at home. But sometimes while I travel or drive, I play my usual same old same classics from people I liked when I was younger like Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai, AIR.. But lately the album from Sofiane Pamart – Planet really grabbed me, I played it 50 times at least.


12.- IBR .- We know you are in the ADID Festival Line Up, will the public be able to enjoy your modular live or a Dj set ?.


Sébastien Léger .- I don´t even have the answer myself, it will depends on many factors, which I can´t share with you yet.


Loved these minutes with you, very interesting, very good vibes and we're really looking forward to hear your next 3 tracks from the EP at the end of February.

Hope to see you soon in Ibiza !!

Interviewed by Paul Ross
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