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Solomun unveils the long-awaited second album of his career, Nobody Is Not Loved

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Jamie Foxx, Planningtorock and Anne Clark are among the artists invited to collaborate on the album.

More than a decade after releasing his debut album, dance music titan Solomun is set to release his eagerly awaited Nobody Is Not Loved on 28 May 2021 on his own NINL label. 

Featuring a full set of top-notch guest collaborators, Nobody Is Not Loved is an energetic album that works in the vein of a DJ set, gradually increasing in tempo throughout its twelve tracks, which tapers off in the final stages to ensure a smooth final landing.

The LP opens with "Ocean", a mid-tempo melodic house cut featuring the silky smooth vocals of none other than Hollywood icon and Grammy winning R&B star Jamie Foxx - the single is accompanied by a worldly video with this A-list artist performing as the lead - you can watch it here.


Utilising the same energy, "Home", the first single released from the new album in October last year, is next up, a track that features a rich atmosphere that bears witness to how the techno master incorporates dark tribal sounds and ethereal constructions to achieve a transcendental sonic experience.


The new prodigy of the English avant-electronica sound, Planningtorock appears on "Your Love Gives Me Gravity", driven by the syhtn sound yet tinged with emotion, "The Center Will Not Hold" which is an exceitant exercise in suspense building and atmosphere creation, while "Out Of Focus", with an infectious indie dance sound, features Zoot Woman's layered vocals. 

The second half of the LP is characterised by a notable turn in tempo.

"Tu" Tuk", a collaboration with Dresden duo ÄTNA, marries pumping house sounds with hypnotic vocals, before the cold, metallic synth lines of "Never Sleep Again", where robotic vocals are laced with vocoder, and takes the record into post-punk and new wave territory. "Take Control", a collaboration with cult eighties singer and poet Anne Clark, explores this terrain further, and creates the pulse and links it to the industrial sound of "Kreatur der Nacht", in which indie-rock band Isolation Berlin worked with Solomun to draw on the sound that dominated their formative years of music.

The energy of the first four tracks then reaches a plateau with "Wadim" an emotionally charged track that is testament to how Solomun is adept at creating the kind of melodic techno sound that has been synonymous with his style. Even more introspective is "Prospect", which again features ÄTNA, before the rich, soulful melodies of "Night Travel", which features the robotic vocals of Editors singer Tom Smith, ensuring that the album closes in the best possible way.

The work demonstrates what has been a successful year so far for Solomun, who has countered the club closures due to Covid by launching his new label NINL, releasing a string of singles and remixes from artists such as Bob Moses, ZHU and Perry Farrel, and scoring hits with all of them. Born in Bosnia and raised in Hamburg, he has positioned himself as one of the most relevant artists in the electronic music scene in recent times, winning several awards among the Dj Awards as "Best International Dj" on several occasions and remixing countless productions including artists such as Foals, Editors, Lana Del Rey, Paul Kalkbrenner, Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode, Apparat, Jon Hopkins and Leonard Cohen. Nobody Is Not Loved is only the second album of his career, following "Dance, Baby" in 2009.

Dance music fans have had to wait more than eleven years for Solomun's second album. Nobody Is Not Loved proves that the wait has been worth it.

Solomun - Nobody Is Not Loved Tracklisting


1.Ocean feat. Jamie Foxx

2. Home

3.Your Love Gives Me Gravity feat. Planningtorock

4. The Center Will Not Hold

5. Out Of Focus feat. Zoot Woman

6. Tuk Tuk feat. ÄTNA

7. Never Sleep Again

8. Take Control feat. Anne Clark

9. Kreatur der Nacht feat. Isolation Berlin

10. Wadim

11. Prospect feat. ÄTNA

12. Night Travel feat. Tom Smith

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