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Solomun has teamed up with exciting young duo ÄTNA for his new single 'Tuk Tuk', which was released on 5th February.


A club-friendly vocal track featuring vibrant percussion led by the vocals of ÄTNA's Inéz, 'Tuk Tuk' crosses genre lines in a complex formation of tempos. The song is accompanied by an exhilarating music video in which Inéz transforms himself by taking on the role of an assassin, in homage to Japanese Sukeban films.

"Nobody Is Not Loved" - Who can dare to make a statement like this? Only music can. Because it loves everyone, no matter if they are good or bad. It contains a very special power, which is above all other things. A metaphysical force that can unite all people, and has done so since the beginning of mankind.

The music video for 'Tuk Tuk' is a parable of the main idea behind the title of the album: the invisible protagonist of the video is the music, personified in Inéz. She is forced to fight. Throughout history, music has been used inappropriately, attacked or banned altogether, but so far it has always prevailed. And once again in this case.

The single follows a 2020 year in which Solomun countered the blackout in the clubbing world induced by the Covid pandemic with the launch of his new label NINL. This new label has become the most suitable platform to release his new album 'Nobody Is Not Loved', which will be released on 14th May 2021. It will include singles already released such as 'Home' and 'Kreatur der Nacht' as well as 'Tuk Tuk' and collaborations with Jamie Foxx, Planningtorock, Zoot Woman, Anne Clark, Isolation Berlin and Tom Smith.

After releasing his first album 'Dance, Baby' in 2009, Solomun has since produced 24 of his own releases and over 50 remixes by artists such as Depeche Mode, Leonard Cohen, Jon Hopkins, Jamiroquai, Moderat, Interpol, Editors, Foals and Lana Del Rey, and performed at a wide range of top global festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland and Time Warp.

Standing out among the most interesting new projects, ÄTNA's sound has been compared to Fever Ray meeting Grimes at the Royal Opera House in London. ÄTNA consists of Inéz and Demian Kappènstein and together they produce music that seamlessly blends art-pop, futuristic indietronica, lush rhythms and glorious vocals, evoking a desire and passion for the journey - and managing to give you goosebumps. Their 2020 debut on Humming Records, 'Made By Desire' marked a new chapter in the German pop scene. In September 2020 they were awarded the German music prize ANCHOR.

Another outstanding single from a collaboration, 'Tuk Tuk', adds to the anticipation for Solomun's long-awaited second album.


SolomunNobody is Not Loved




1. Ocean feat. Jamie Foxx

2. Home

3. Your Love Gives Me Gravity feat. Planningtorock

4. The Center Will Not Hold

5. Out Of Focus feat. Zoot Woman

6. Tuk Tuk feat. ÄTNA

7. Never Sleep Again

8. Take Control feat. Anne Clark

9. Kreatur der Nacht feat. Isolation Berlin

10. Wadim

11. Prospect feat. ÄTNA

12. Night Travel feat. Tom Smith



Pre-order the album here


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