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Sónar will celebrate 30 years of constant innovation with a

decidedly festive, electronic and diverse programme

The 30th anniversary of Sónar, Europe's pioneering festival in advanced music and innovation, will take place in Barcelona on 15, 16 and 17 June 2023 and will feature 

more than 250 proposals, including concerts, DJ sets, masterclasses, talks and debate forums.


The musical line-up of this extraordinary edition features the biggest stars of contemporary electronic music and the most select DJs of club culture, as well as dozens of new emerging talents from Spain and around the world presenting the most groundbreaking and diverse proposals. 


Highlights include Aphex Twin, Eric Prydz presenting HOLO -his exclusive and colossal immersive 3D show-, BICEP live, Bad Gyal, Fever Ray, Peggy Gou, Oneohtrix Point Never, Black Coffee, Solomun, Little Simz, Amelie Lens, The Blessed Madonna, Max Cooper, Shygirl, Honey Dijon, Eliza Rose, Samantha Hudson, Daito Manabe, Nick Leon, La Zowi, SHERELLE x Kode9, Richie Hawtin and Cakes Da Killa, among many others.


30th Anniversary of Sónar - Barcelona 15, 16 and 17 June 2023


Next 15th, 16th and 17th June, Sónar will celebrate its 30th anniversary in Barcelona with more than 100 musical performances, including live concerts and DJ sessions.


Sónar 2023 will synthesise 30 years of celebration and constant innovation, both in content and formats. 


Three decades in which Sónar has offered a space for discovery and inspiration serving as both a mirror and a platform for several generations of local and international artists.


Among the concerts, highlights include spectacular shows by Aphex Twin,

BICEP live, Bad Gyal, Little Simz, Fever Ray, Oneohtrix Point Never, Max Cooper and Eric Prydz with Cooper and Eric Prydz with his exclusive HOLO - the world's most powerful immersive audiovisual show in the world at the moment. 

Also on the bill will be Samantha Hudson with her new 'AOVE Black Label', La Zowi with her show 'La Reina del Sur' and the rappers Cakes Da Killa, making their debut in Spain, and Shygirl, for the first time at Sónar.


The DJ sets will feature acclaimed international selectors such as Black Coffee, Amelie Lens, Peggy Gou, The Blessed Madonna, Solomun and Richie Hawtin, among many others.


Sónar by Night - June 16th and 17th

On Friday 16 June, Aphex Twin will perform at Sónar 12 years after his previous appearance at the festival.

The enigmatic cult artist and godfather of modern electronica returns after four years away from the stage.

He will do so with an impressive and innovative audiovisual show that he will present at Sonar Club, the biggest stage at Sónar by Night.


The most important names on the world clubbing scene will also be present at Sónar by Night. On Friday, two of the great representatives of contemporary house and disco will be there: the South Korean Peggy Gou and the American Honey Dijon.

And finally making his debut at Sónar will be the German producer Solomun, responsible for taking deep house and melodic techno sounds to the biggest stages on the planet.

On Saturday, Amelie Lens will once again shake up Sonar Club with her acid and fast-paced techno, while the line-up of the biggest names on the scene will be completed with Richie Hawtin, a loyal friend of the festival who will not be missing on the 30th anniversary.


Sónar by Day - 15th, 16th and 17th of June

The remodelled Sonar Village by Estrella Damm stage will be headlined by two of the most acclaimed figures in world clubbing: the iconic and exquisite producer and DJ, Richie Hawtin. iconic and exquisite South African house producer and DJ Black Coffee (Thursday 15th), and the American The Blessed Madonna as the great representative of house and disco music worldwide.

That's where Horse Meat Disco x Prosumer will be performing, joining forces in the booth to offer a masterclass in disco and house selection, the always playful and unconventional Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, the British radio icons Bradley Zero b2b Moxie and compatriot Eliza Rose, undoubtedly another rising star. 


Sónar+D - June 15, 16 and 17

Sónar+D will present a series of shows with a high visual and technological component that will take place on the Complex+D and Stage+D stages, both located in the middle of Sónar by Day.

Sónar+D will also be offering a programme with more than 30 activities,
between talks, debates and masterclasses to address topics such as the connections between art and science, the climate emergency and how creators are responding to it, the creators respond to it, the development of new forms of creativity, Artificial Intelligence and the Web3 paradigm.

Sónar+D will also open three debate forums:

The first will be a music innovation forum that will discuss music distribution communities and platforms, new live formats and the latest digital creation tools.

The second, co-organised with the HacTe association, will deal with the relationship between art, science and technology and will bring together artists, scientists, research centres and cultural representatives to discuss best practices in collaborative processes and the generation of new digital tools that favour these relationships between disciplines.

Finally, the AI & Web3 Creatives Summit, led by UPF Ventures and co-produced by Sónar+D, will offer two days of presentation of projects, debate and exchange of experiences to develop experiences with key companies and professionals from the world of creative technology.

It will feature local projects, conferences, round tables and a variety of conversations between the participants, who will come from companies such as MEDIAPRO and Runway.


Thursday 15th June

Sónar by Day | 15h to 00h

700 Bliss | B2BBS | Black Coffee | Bored Lord | Bradley Zero b2b Moxie | Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul | Erika de Casier | Erika de Casier | Forensic Architecture with Stefanos Levidis | Grievous Bodily Harmonics | Grove | Jana Winderen | Jokkoo Collective | Kitty110LaBlackie | L'Beel | Kode9 presents 'Escapology' | KYNE | lanav | Manuka Honey | Marina Herlop | Nosaj Thing + Daito | Manabe present 'Continua' | Oneohtrix Point Never | Playmodes & UPC-Telecos present 'Astres' | Sabrina Bellaouel | Sergi Bellaouel | Sabrina Bellaouel | Sergi Botella | Soda Plains | Tohji | Tupac Martir's 'Unique

Friday 16th June

Sonar by Day | 15h to 00h

Ahadadream | Albany | Amor Satyr | BADSISTA b2b Cashu | Bendik Giske | The Blessed Madonna | CJ Carr | Crystal Murray | Daito Manabe live | DALILA | Desert | Elijah presents Yellow Squares' | Eliza Rose | Kate Darling presents 'The Future of Human-Robot Interaction' by SEIDOR | Lorenzo Senni | MANS O | Max Cooper live | Merca Bae presents '2048' | MikeQ live  | Musa Keys live | Klara Lewis & Nik Colk Void + Pedro Maia | Ralphie Choo | Ryoji Ikeda | Santiago Latorre & Colin Self | Selectya Glossy | In conversation: Steve Goodman (Kode9) & Moor Mother : Universal Everything

Sónar by Night | 20:30h to 07h

Âme b2b Marcel Dettmann (5h set) | Aphex Twin | Aquarian | Baba Sy | BICEP live | Cakes Da Killa | Cardopusher | CC:DISCO! | DJ EZ | DJ Marky & MC GQ | Fever Ray | Honey Dijon | Ikonika presents 'Bubble Up'  | ISAbella b2b Roza Terenzi | JOVENDELAPERLA | Logic1000 | Peggy Gou | Russell Haswell DJ set | SHERELLE x Kode9 | Shygirl | Solomun

Saturday 17th June

Sónar by Day | 15h to 00h

AINES | Ana Quiroga & Estela Oliva present 'Azabache AV' | Carles Viarnès & Alba G. Corral | CLARAGUILAR | Deena Abdelwahed live | Denmark | Flaca | Héctor Oaks presents 'Fuego Universal' live : Horse Meat Disco x Prosumer : La Niña Jacarandá : LEÏTI : Lolo & Sosaku : Lucrecia Dalt : Nick León Lucrecia Dalt | Nick León | nusar3000 | Omagoqa | Perera Elsewhere | Phran presents 'Vimana Discplay' | Sticky M.A. | Toccororo

Sónar by Night | 20:30h a 07h


Alizzz 'Club 2000' DJ set | Amelie Lens | Angel Molina | Anz | Bad Gyal | Call Super b2b Sedef Adasi | Carista | Chloé Caillet | DJ Holographic b2b DJ Minx | Eric Prydz presents HOLO | Koreless | La Zowi | La Zowi Koreless | La Zowi presents 'La Reina del Sur' | Little Simz | Lowprofile | Mareo: Chico Blanco | Chico Blanco b2b 8kitoo | Mochakk | Nene H | Orslok | Parkineos | Richie Hawtin | Rusowsky DJ set | Samantha Hudson presents 'AOVE Black Label' | Tiga b2b Cora Novoa | Topanga Kiddo | Undo |

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