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Soul Button - Phantom Existence

Soul Button proudly presents his debut album, “Phantom Existence”. An expressive, conceptual work revealing a unique musical and artistic approach. Featuring 12 tracks of deep, reverberating tunes; each tells a different story while delivering a synonymous message of freedom. A masterpiece with a blend of melancholic rhythms and captivating vocals by Terry Grant, Mistier, Photographs. and Rebecca Sumner

The journey begins with “Blind Pattern”, which delivers a mysterious vibe, preparing you for an eye-opening voyage. “Imagine To Be Free” (The Concept) featuring Terry Grant and written by Soul Button, will take you to another dimension. A place where you face your own fears to avoid being succumbed to the falsities of the world. “Deception” transports you deeper towards your awareness and realization of deceit, yet spreading your wings, ready to take flight. The journey towards freedom begins with the following tracks - “Awaken the Soul” featuring Photographs., “Jannah” featuring Rebecca Sumner and “The Sparrow” featuring Mistier. An enchanting field of vocals, gradually delivering an electrifying feeling that increases from one song to another. “Silhouettes” featuring Violin Girl, uplifts your mind and soul. “New Day” featuring Mistier and “Utopia” featuring Terry Grant guides the way to enlightenment. “Imagine To Be Free”, the non- vocal track, leaves you the choice to interpret and feel. “Shapeshifter”, a melodic and delicate track that serves as a passage to the final track, “Epiphany”. A sudden revelation of becoming free comes to surface, ending the voyage and expressing the meaning of freedom.

“Imagine being FREE ...... to be FREE be FREE”.

An astonishing release, Soul Button takes it to another level, liberating the listeners from captivity

with spellbinding music.


01. Soul Button - Blind Pattern (Original Mix)
02. Soul Button - Imagine To Be Free (The Concept)
03. Soul Button - Deception (Original Mix)
04. Soul Button - Awaken The Soul feat. Photographs. (Original Mix) 05. Soul Button - Jannah feat. Rebecca Sumner (Original Mix)
06. Soul Button - The Sparrow feat. Mistier (Original Mix)
07. Soul Button - Silhouettes feat. Violin Girl (Original Mix)
08. Soul Button - New Day feat. Mistier (Original Mix)
09. Soul Button - Imagine To Be Free (Original Mix)
10. Soul Button - Utopia feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix)
11. Soul Button - Shapeshifter (Original Mix)
12. Soul Button - Epiphany (Original Mix)

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