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Sutton embraces international artists on the most eagerly awaited night of the year

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On December 31st, Sutton São Paulo,  promotes the New Years Eve  to celebrate the arrival of 2020 with lots of fun.


Come and accompany us on such a special day!!! We are ready to receive you all with open arms !


Sutton , the most famous club of Barcelona , opens its doors in  the most coveted Rooftop of the city.  


International Artists as the Spanish singer  Esther Bauman  and the DJ Paul Ross , the national djs like Akuri , Mau Max , Rodrigo Bologna  will make the evening an unforgettable moment to be remembered for the future generations.


Broadcasted live to more than 150 countries on Ibiza Bpm Radio,   The  special dinner includes , premium open bar and deluxe party flavours. The open bar consists of Vodka Aboslut, Gin Beefeater (Gin Tonic), Sparkling Mumm (Brut and Rosé), Whisky Chivas 12 years, Stella Artois Beer, and much more. 


The menu features consist of  creamy rice with iberic ham,  garlic , pepper and lady's finger ;  grilled salmon with mandioquinha puree and lemon veloute;  homemade potato, gnochi with pomodori and basilico sauce;  steak scalopinho with wine and rice sauce with mushrooms;  pork ribs stuffed with porcini mushrooms,  served in the roast sauce itself.


Among the desserts are gianduia pave with Italian meringue and cocoa, milk pudding with coffee cream and Brazilian-style tiramisu

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