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Township Rebellion - Rituals

1. Township Rebellion - Humanity Offline
2. Township Rebellion - Infinite Meadow
3. Oliver Koletzki & Township Rebellion - The Arctic Voice (Township Rebellion Remix)

It’s time to disconnect and reconnect with “Humanity Offline,” a melodic tech-house banger which playfully shifts gear through punchy synths and heavy pads.

The grass is somewhat greener in the “Infinite Meadow.” Lighting up the soundscape, this intricate track builds and releases in a never-ending reverie of sonic colour and play.

Adding another layer of freshness to the signature sound of their 'Arctic Voice' collab with Oliver Koletzki. This remix speaks in sonic tongues to communicate multifaceted layers of suspensive energy.

Stepping it out with an edgier vibe, Rituals carries forth the introspection of winter into a fresher and more lively offering suitable for a variety of moods and set times.

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