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UMusic Hotel Madrid  presents a very special proposal for New Year's Eve

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UMusic Hotel Madrid, the first hotel that blends hospitality and entertainment, presents a very special proposal for New Year's Eve on December 31st, starting at the El Albéniz Restaurant at 8pm, with a casual gastronomy and a menu created for this special night.

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After dinner we can access to Nota Alta Rooftop, where we can feel the chimes just a few meters from the famous clock of the Puerta del Sol. Where you can enjoy the traditional 12 grapes toast paired with the best views facing the clock.


A clock with a long tradition and whose national devotion makes it the undisputed protagonist of the night, it will envelop the city centre with its acclaimed chimes and whose fireworks will illuminate and crown the sky,


opening its arms and welcoming the long-awaited New Year, leaving the way for new projects and illusions.

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Paul Ross, a regular and essential artist on the island of Ibiza for more than two decades, will take us on an incomparable journey, turning the night into an unforgettable evening and imbuing attendees and listeners with the essence and magic of the white isle. 

He has been a resident of Destino Pacha Beach Club Ibiza during the summer season and through his persistence and musical knowledge he has managed to make one of his dreams come true, to have his own radio station, a global radio station with the best DJs, labels and producers worldwide.

Paul Ross is an exceptional guest on such a special night where we can feel the joy and excitement of thousands of people to the sound of fireworks and music orchestrated by a great master of electronic music.


He has also managed to conquer the hearts of his compatriots by being part of the culture of São Paulo, creating the music for the fashion show of Gloria Coelho, a renowned haute couture stylist, at the São Paulo Fashion Week, playing live with more than 100 percussionists from Rosas de Ouro (one of the most famous samba schools in São Paulo) and having his own float "Love Connection Dibiza",  in the Sao Paulo Carnival (biggest open air event in the world) whose aim is the union between people fusing Fashion, Music, Art and Gastronomy. 


Ibiza BPM Radio will be responsible for transmitting that energy through its airwaves, as it will be broadcasting live to more than 150 countries.

Not to be missed!


A perfect place where you will be able to fall in love with all your senses, from the most coveted Broadway shows, to the most desired artists surrounded by a typically traditional atmosphere and with breathtaking views of the centre of the capital. 


We are waiting for you !!


Be part of the future with us!

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