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[Deleted] VA Augmented 013 / Haen [Mango Alley]


A continuing "Augmented" reality reveals a different perception of Mango Alley. Breaking boundaries, established and contemporary talent converges in a single vision across the digital spectrum. A cornucopia of new music, unreleased jewels and undiscovered gems glisten under the auspices of renowned artistic talent; mixed and unmixed versions deliver a unique listening experience.

One of Mango Alley core artists and a man behind our Maldesoule imprint, Haen is known for his diverse taste in music, thus he was a perfect candidate to curate the 13th episode of the Augmented series. As a result we've got an eclectic selection of all kinds of progressive, melodic, tech and deep sounds, organically blended together into a comprehensive storytelling music collection.

/ Compiled & Curated by Haen
/ Mastering by Cid Inc.
/ Design by Mango Alley

Mango Alley is a progressive house & melodic techno label est. 2008
Our music is good for any weather, any timezone and any

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