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youANDme one of the icons of the Berlin House scene


Today we have one of the icons of the Berlin House scene, owner of several labels such as CUTZ.ME, Rotary Cocktail Recordings, to name a few and with releases on labels such as Cocoon, Rekids, Desolat, Defected, Poker Flat Recordings, Mule Musiq or Ornaments.

Hi Martin, a super pleasure to have shared with you such a magical moment as the one we lived in on the third anniversary of the station at Club Tox , in Destino Pacha .


Amazing your performance and really nice to meet you.


youANDme.- Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to be your guest!


We danced until we were exhausted!

Let us know just a little bit about you:


1 IBR .- How did you enjoy the event? Did you know the other artists? What was it like to share that moment with young producers from different parts of the world and styles?


youANDme .- I really enjoyed the event and it was good to meet so many nice people from different countries. We had some pleasant conversations about music, food, life and our industry. That's what I love about my job. It's a gift to travel around the world, play the music I love and meet so many different souls. 

2 IBR .- Tell us a little bit about how and when did you decide to become a DJ / Producer?


youANDme .-There was never a master plan to make a living from music. It was a natural process because I really loved Techno and House music when I was 13, 14 years old and started collecting music on vinyl. It's a big passion and at one point I bought a second turntable and a mixer and that's how the story started.


3 IBR .- Who has been your inspiration to choose music as a profession and why do you think they have influenced you so much?


youANDme .-To be honest it was never my intention to do it as a profession because it was so far away that I would never imagine it would become true. 

In 2009 I had my first little “underground” hit which was played by almost all the big DJs. 

Sven Väth played it the whole season in Ibiza at his legendary Cocoon parties and licensed it for his mix-cd "The Sound Of The Season" on Cocoon Recordings.

That was the point where my booking requests got more and more.



4 IBR .- What are you working on now? New projects?

youANDme .-Yes. I'm always in the studio because I need to do it every day. It's kind of my therapy to turn the world off and my machines on. At the moment I'm working on a follow-up for our last Defected release and I have to finish another record for my label Rotary Cocktail Recordings which will include remixes of Detroit legend Kenny Larkin and Brazilian hero Renato Ratier.


5 IBR .- What dream would you like to come true?

youANDme.-Of course, world peace and I think it's also important to stay healthy. I would love to continue to make music and produce some nice records. That makes me happy!

6 IBR .- When it comes to production, what ingredients do you think are needed to make an excellent track?

youANDme .-You can call me a crazy gear nerd when it comes to my studio but to be honest it's also possible to do the best music only on your laptop. I would say you don't need the most expensive gear. It's more about your creativity and how you realize it. Sometimes the most amazing hit record is done with simple ingredients but the idea was really good and that's important!

7 IBR .- Favourite place where you have played and where you would like to play that you haven't played yet?

youANDme .- I´m in the lucky position that I had the chance to play at so many nice clubs and festivals around the world. Some of the highlights were Space in Ibiza, D.Edge in Sao Paulo, Verboten in New York, Breakfast Club in Melbourne, Sash in Sydney, Panorama Bar / Berghain in Berlin, Zukunft in Zürich and of course playing for the lovely Sisy crew is always fun and maximum freedom. 

5D5A0281 copia.jpg

8 IBR .- How would you define your music?

youANDme .- I love so many genres of music which should be a bit deeper with a raw and kicking signature. 

The ideas of funk and soul serve as its backbone across styles like house, techno, dub, electro, electronica and everything in between.


9.- IBR .- I have seen that you have a great feedback with PPPPP, how do you feel after that good reception?

youANDme .- I´m really happy that it's kind of a summer hit and so many of the DJs I love are playing it. It's impossible to plan that a track becomes a hit and sometimes it comes out of nowhere. 

At the moment we are working on remixes of “PPPPP” by 2 of my favorite artists and I can't wait to share the results with you soon!

10 IBR .- What recommendation would you give to the new generations?

youANDme.- It's hard when you start today as a new artist because at the moment it's more about social media and your influencer skills and I hate that. I think the art of music should always be your main intention and when people realize your passion and love for music then success will follow.

11 IBR .- Why did you choose youANDme name as a DJ/ producer ? Where does it come from ?.

youANDme .- It came from a little bootleg/edit label I did in the past. When people asked me who did it I always answered it could be you and me or anybody else. I liked the name and also the idea that it's about the crowd (you) and me who are united on the dancefloor.

IBR -. 12.- How was your stay at Hotel Nobu?

youANDme .-It was beautiful and I really enjoyed it. The place is so peaceful. Thank you for having me! 

It's been a pleasure to have you with us and of course to discover new things about you.

Hope to see you soon and excited to listen to your new tracks

Interviewed by Paul Ross
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