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Paul Ross in January 2024 he broadcasted live from FITUR Tv and FITUR radio, where more than 250,000 people visited the 9 pavillons during the 5 days at IFEMA Madrid. Their Majesties the Queen and The King of Spain Felipe VI, were visiting the Fairy, the President of Spain Pedro Sanchez, Secretaries of Tourism from many countries, Ministers, Majors ... more than 400 authorities from different countries and continents visited FITUR 2024 and presented news, novelties, destinies , gastronomy and culture from their countries.

Next He was covering Madrid Fusion, the most important Gastronomy event worldwide where chefs from different communities and countries were presenting their elaborations, he attended and covered the Special awards, conferences created for that occasion....

Paul Ross On New Year's Eve 2023 he presented himself as a star artist at the UMusic Hotel in Madrid, 5*, the most musical hotel in the city, which is part of the well-known Universal Music Group, welcoming 2024.

After a very prolific 2023 in creativity, he is waiting to announce which labels he will launch his new creations and productions on...

Founder and CEO of Ibiza Bpm Radio, considered one of the pillars of electronic music, with daily live broadcasts, starting with Brunch in the Air at 13.00 h CET, Deep 'N Tonic at 15.00 h CET, followed by Sunset Boat Sessions at 17.00 h CET, then Dining Club at 21.00 h CET , finally Midnight Sessions at 03.00 h CET and responsible for all the programming of the station.

In November 2023, Paul Ross has been an exceptional guest in one of the most special nights of the year, the lighting of the Christmas lights in the capital of Spain, which was held with great success in the most luxurious hotel in Madrid, the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid.

The year 2023 full of successes and achievements, with more than 200 performances, 1600 hours of broadcasting, 1,092 programs, for an audience located in more than 150 countries, with 29,000 daily listeners, 174.000 per week, 696.000 monthly ones , 8.352.000 per year just in his programmes... and without forgetting his 8 new productions that will be released in 2024 on major record labels all love the world...

Starting in 2024 he will begin his Latin American tour starting in Colombia ( Medellin ), passing through his homeland where he will perform at the Love Connection D'ibiza event in the carnivals of São Paulo for more than 50,000 people, to Rio de Janeiro , Florianópolis.. and then he will go to Mexico ( Guadalajara, Ciudad de México, Puerto Vallarta, Tulum) where he will finish the tour returning to Ibiza and starting the new season with a brand new and innovative project.

At the beginning of 2023, a branch of the station opens in the spanish city of Madrid, broadcasting in DAB+ for the 4,800,000 inhabitants of Madrid. The first Ibiza BPM showcase is held in the Opium Club in Madrid and from that moment , the Hyatt Hotel in the capital, delegates to Paul Ross, not only the programming, but also makes its facilities available to him, becoming the headquarters of the station during the spring-summer months. Paul Ross also becomes the resident( from Monday to Monda) of the Jardin de Diana, Rooftop belonging to the Hyatt Centric Hotel, after playing at its inauguration.

Guest DJ at the new proposal of the legendary Space Eat & Dance, the restaurant, bar & terrace of Ibiza, with a long set of 6 hours, being broadcasted on FM, DAB and online over 150 countries.

At the beginning of 2022, he performs the first Ibiza BPM showcase at Lab the Club (one of the most important clubs in Madrid), with live broadcast. The live broadcast is heard in more than 150 countries at the BeRenatta party and he performs with great international artists.


He is the one who takes care of the whole radio station programmes, he is the Art Manager and also the one who prepares the interviews.

At the end of April, Paul Ross, starts off with a bang by taking the radio to IMS SUMMIT IBIZA 2022 covering the three days of events, workshops and news, closing with a bang on the last day of the show, broadcasting live his Deep N Tonic show from the Pioneer DJ stand.


He is the responsible for the gran opening of the rooftop of the ¨ Hotel Abrat ¨ four stars in the spring of 2022.

Subsequently conquers the most desired cherries on the planet, becoming a resident of Mondays Off at Destino Pacha for the entire summer season of 2022.

He celebrates the 3rd anniversary of Ibiza Bpm Radio at Destino Pacha & Tox Club on August 15th from 12:00to 06:00 with the participation of producers and DJs from several parts of the world creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

In June 16th , 2019, , he started his weekly program Emotion Radio Show , on the brand new Ibiza BMP Radio, listened over 150 countries.

A special partnership with the biggest Brazilian Radio Station will let him to broadcast in more than 2000 brazilian cities and with more than 11.000.000 daily listeners on FM.

In 2019, 2018 and 2017, Paul Ross and the Spanish singer Esther Bauman participated in one of the most important event all over the World , the Sao Paulo Carnival, with the event Love Connection D'ibiza Parade in a Trio Eléctrico format.

In February 2018 he performed with International and Brazilian artists in his own trio eléctrico in Sao Paulo Carnival , The Love Connection D´Ibiza Parade for more than 50.000 people .

In November 2017 Paul Ross had performed in Trancoso Bahia - Brazil in one of the most exclusive events of the region.

Spring 2017, He leaves Brazil and come back to Ibiza, where he has a monthly Radio Show program on Ibiza Live Radio, called “ Emotion Radio Show”. His last Radio Program was listened for more than 70 countries with a huge success. Emotion Radio Show is gong to be on air every the 4th Saturday of each month.

In February 2017 Paul Ross & Esther Bauman played for more than

35.000 people,for the Closing of the most important Carnival all over the World, the Sao Paulo Carnival.

In 2016 Paul Ross October he returned to Brazil to present the New season of his party Love Connection D’ Ibiza at Hotel Insólito de Búzios ( Rio de Janeiro) and The Year.

After the huge success in Búzios, he was invited by the director of the Globo Brazilian TV, Wolf Maya , to make Love Connection D Ibiza once a month in its new restaurant SARAU, located in the heart of Sao Paulo.

In 2015 he presented his party Love Connection D’ Ibiza in Sao Paulo in clubs like Panorama , Provocateur , Pan-Am , Yabany Lounge, touring after that the country.

In 2013, After finishing his tour in October in Europe, once again taking part in the most important dates of Ibiza closings, Blue Marlin, Destino Pacha, Km 5, Germany, Holland, France , returns to Brazil to play at the Sheraton Hotel five stars (Club A) and makes the soundtrack of the Winter 2014 collection for the International stylist Goria Coelho, playing as well in the Sao Paulo Fashion Week .

Paul Ross, resident of the party "Love Connection D 'Ibiza" and the first Brazilian Dj who made part of the closing of Club Space Ibiza in 2010, ) considered the most important club all over the World ), selected from hundreds of DJs to make part of this important event and hosted by the DJ MAG.

LED Club Space

The lineup that accompanied him on that special date was one of the most powerful DJs as Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, Tiefscwarz, MANDY, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Dennis Ferrer, Sneaky Sound System, Calvin Harris..

Carl Cox closed his performance in the Miami Ultra Music Festival and the Buenos Aires State Festival with his latest production at that moment, "Mama yo quiero saber", feat by Esther Bauman (Remixes by Elio Riso and Tim Baker ).

Paul Ross after being heard by the current King of Spain D.Felipe de Borbón and other members of the Spanish Royalty at Club Moma 56, is invited to play in Tele 5 to inaugurate the program “ A Tu lado”.

Paul Ross has been invited on several occasions to be interviewed and to play on the best international radio stations in Spain, Ibiza Global Radio, (reference point for the best DJs in the world) for Deepfussion 124 BPM & Ibiza Dance, in Brasil Jovem Pam 2, Estados Unidos , Midnight Sessions Radio New York Blog.

During summer in 2012, he is required to play in Paris, in the Queen Club, starting his tour in France and following through the Mediterranean Sea, crossing the Atlantic Ocean (Bari, Venezia, Croatia, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Malaga, Tenerife, Casablanca, Lisbon, Maceió, Recife, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Santos) to Brazil.

Club Queen Paris


Love Connection D Ibiza (2000). Rise Club (2009). Hands Up Brasil (2012).

In 2011 it had an association with the Fiesta Hotels Group with the project Rise Club ( A private Club destined for European high society, where access is restricted and exclusive just for members ).

This itinerante Project is presented in Hotels, as the Hotel Colon, the El Hotel Pacha.

In summer 2011, He incorporates a new element for the Love Connection D 'Ibiza: International Haute Couture Stylists. After good critics in Spanish newspapers and magazines he obtains respect and recognition by its work.

He becomes associated with the Pacha Group during July and August and get great repercussion throughout the Island and Europe.

In 2012 the new project "Hands Up Brasil" begins. It is a project for the dissemination of Brazilian talent in the World (Stylists, DJs, Brazilian artistsin general , all together in a single event ).

Tour Brazil : 2006 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 / 2016- D-edge / Audio Club / Provocateur / Disco / Club A / BC Club / Hotel Insólito / Panorama / Dentist Beach Angra / Buda Beach Buzios / Café De La Musique / Bananas / Hotel Hyatt / Sheraton Hotel /





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